What the heck does "House As Field" mean?!

If you know me from college then you would not be surprised by the name of this company. To briefly sum it up, I have a highly conceptual brain and I love Talking Heads

****** Quick side note: do yourself a favor and watch the entire video linked to "Talking Heads" ******

House As Field is a hybrid concept.

Let's dive into this - we understand the concept of a house and we understand the concept of a field.... what would a house as a field be? How can we understand that? Bear with me here - The house is the field unto which we grow our lives. We rely on the house as safety, comfort, entertainment, shelter, etc. Products fill these purposes. The products are planted/placed within the house… as the field. We must nurture our crops/products to create a home. By planting products into our house and into our lives we are curating and cultivating a home.

I know - it's a big chunk to wrap your head around. Imagine living in my brain every day!

After all is said and done - I've come to enjoy the abbreviation "HaF" and look forward for that to become the brand of the company. 

Want to discuss hybrid concepts?! I am your girl! Shoot me an email - houseasfield@gmail.com







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