What is House As Field?!

House As Field is a paper and textile goods printing company based out of Raleigh, NC. It was started in 2016 by me (Miriam!). With a background in design and a passion for working with my hands, it was natural that I discovered screen printing as my outlet. 

HaF is known for our tea towels. We view these as functional art. It all began with a collection of tea towels while I was in college. I found myself purchasing them during travels because they were inexpensive, easily transported, and striking. My collection can be found hanging on my walls, draped over chairs, and in the kitchen for purpose. 

Each tea towel is screen printed by hand and will have slight differences. These are not flaws, but evidence of handwork. We love the fact that each one is unique and shows the mark of the maker. Our passion lies in the ritual of printmaking and the magic within the process. We embrace the act of slowing down and taking time with our craft. The maker movement is extremely important to us and we vow to ignite the fire. Although technology has been important in our development, it is crucial not to forget why we have hands and the power they hold.

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